Survey and assess before you buy a new home

Survey and assess before you buy a new home

Unless you have extremely expensive tastes in cars (or yachts!), buying a new home or investment property is probably the largest single purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. It makes sense to take your time to assess the property and the site it’s on before you sign the papers.

Have you ever considered finding a local builder who can help you accurately assess the scope – and any pitfalls – of the property? We help our clients do just that, saving them time and money. It’s something we really love to do, as we often open their eyes to the hidden potential behind the property.

How we help clients before they buy a property

Once a client has found a property they love, they ask us to meet them on site to take a look around. We’ll look at the structure and layout of the building, of course, but we’ll also look at things like potential for internal restructuring, for extending outwards and for building upwards. We’ll be able to tell you what can and what can’t be done under Building Regulations but, more than that, we’ll advise on which choice of building plans will open up the scope of the property for future changes. It’s really exciting when we take a client’s plans and ideas and add our own to come up with something they hadn’t considered possible.

The advantages of assessing property before you buy

At K Design and Build, we think it’s really worth the bit of time it takes to walk round your potential new home with one of us. We won’t just point out pitfalls and difficult areas (although we will do that!) but we’ll suggest innovative ideas which could make living there more comfortable and convenient (not to mention add to the value). Use us as a pair of fresh eyes. We’ll look at the site with all our building experience, industry knowhow and, of course, all the ideas we can bring from other jobs.

We’re always happy to give you our free, no obligation advice on any domestic property before you renovation, extend or rebuild.

Karl from K Design and Build, the expert builders.

Survey and assess before you buy a new home is a post from the expert builders blog.

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