The dangers of under-estimating building costs

The dangers of under-estimating building costs

What do I mean by under-estimating a domestic building project, and why is this something everyone should consider?

Take this example.

We recently had a couple come to us with a project, and they had a budget in mind. I said I’d price the work they had requested and then together we could look at the budget to see if it was realistic for what they had in mind. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be.

This is what can happen if you don’t consult builders before the project is thought through. Bear in mind that the total cost of a project includes materials and labour: time taken to complete work is an essential part of the process.

When looking at doing a job there are certain elements to consider:

1) How safe is the work force?
2) What would be the effects on the property if the job is rushed?
3) How much would a worst case scenario cost you?
4) What is a realistic program of work?
5) What are the quality of materials used?
6) Will heavy items – like steel RSJs – need to be manoeuvred into place?
7) The quality of the finish will be based on time given to do the work

Under-estimation —> disappointment

When clients under-estimate, disappointment usually follows. It would be better to over-estimate; after all, your home and office are two places where you spend most of your time. So cutting corners on work will leave you feeling deflated and possibly in danger.

Do the right thing and look into the cost of your project before possibly wasting time and money on architect’s fees and structural engineer’s details.

We can quickly give you the average cost of a single or double extension. In the time it takes to do so, we can also give you a brief rundown of the things to bear in mind when looking into your project.

We can also put you into contact with the correct architect who will then give you an easier journey through the planning stages.

So, if you’re at the early stages of planning or thinking about any kind of domestic build project – extension, conversion, modernisation or even new build – give us a call to see how we can save you time and money from the word go.
Karl Nicholson, K Design and Build (the expert builder)

K Design and Build are builders based in Wokingham. Their main website is here.

The dangers of under-estimating building costs is a post from the Expert Builders blog.

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