Garage conversions for extra living space

Garage conversions for extra living space

Whether the garage is already part of your house, or you choose to link the two, this is one domestic building job sure to give you extra living space.

Garage conversions are cheaper than having a new single storey extension built. And most need no planning permission.

Why convert your garage?

Choosing to convert your garage can make the difference between moving house (with the associated costs and hassle) and staying put. It gives you alternative options: the room can be used for a kitchen extension, bedroom and en-suite, granny annexe, cinema room, lounge, dining area or kids play room.

Would a garage extension work for you?

If you have a drive and do not need the room for the storage then it’s worth thinking about converting your garage. It will save you lots of money and gives huge benefits. We can give free expert advice on the best ways to convert the room and what materials to use. Take advantage of our consultations, as good advice is hard to come by. Bad advice means you won’t appreciate the new room in your house to its full advantage, as you won’t have made the best use of the space.

Insulation to walls and floors will be calculated to create a surrounding which makes the living space comfortable and more enjoyable. Using the correct methods will keep the damp out (it’s likely chance that the external walls to the garage will be single skin, and certain methods must be used to create the cavity and stopp the thermal bridge).

New lighting and plumbing must be designed, fitted and tested by professional tradesmen. You’ll get peace of mind from knowing that your family is safe: after all, electrical fires can start from just one poor electrical fitting, and a hot water pipe connection that was not fitted correctly can burst, causing damage to the property and whoever is in it at the time.

Thinking of converting your garage?

The team at K Design and Build will be able to provide all the necessities needed to give you the extra room you have always wanted. We’re here to help!

Garage conversions for extra living space is a post from the Expert Builders blog.

The Expert Builders are K Design and Build, a small building firm based in Wokingham, Berkshire. See their main website here.

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